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It's been a hectic couple of months, with the expansion well underway now, our production has been tripled to meet demand that will hopefully help us maintain a steady customer base when we move to our new brewery in the near future. With the start of our fleet of vans (one little Citroen Berlingo!), we can now deliver more at once which has been a god send on our recent trips up to Chorley.

As part of our expansion plans, we had our pump clips looked at and have recently released our new artwork, we're very happy with the result and look forward to coming up with some new beers and pump clips to match. We have also had to look at the renaming of our Hop Pot, after more than one of our customers remarked (and rightly so), Hop Pot was wrongly leading drinkers to believe that Hops would be the overriding influence in that particular beer, although it is absolutely packed with Cascade Hops, the rye malt plays a big part in the flavour. So it will now be called Dirty Harry! I'm sure there'll be possibly a much hoppier beer in the future, maybe even a collaboration to mark our bar opening.

On the bar itself, we have started building works and are still hopeful of brewing in the new brewery in summer. We don't currently have an opening date for the Bolton Beer Hall, that will form part of our new premises, as like most things there has been a few delays and issues to iron out. Needless to say we're very excited and if everything goes to plan, it will be a fantastic venue in the Town centre.

More to follow........