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Its been a while since our last update, not really stopped to take breath in the last few weeks/months. Work has continued behind the scenes at The Link, Bolton, home of our new brewery and in the hopefully not too distant future onsite tap bar. If I've learned anything in the past few weeks, it is that there's no rushing the council, the builders, the brewery fitters etc. So although we'd hoped to be fully operational at our new home by now, unfortunately these things take time (or that's what Liam keeps telling me when I'm banging my head against various brick walls).

Liam has been working his socks off brewing three times a week at all times of day, to meet our consistent steady stream of new customers, and keep our loyal customers well stocked so from that point of view we should be able to continue in that vein when brewing from the new kit. We have had people laugh at the size of our new kit, a mere 2.5BBL (and yes that mash tun in the picture really is that small, I'm not a giant), but all I can say is it's not the size that matters but more how you use it ;)

On a serious note, myself and Liam have built this brewery from nothing but savings and hard work, we have recently had a business loan from the Business Finance Solutions and worked alongside The Business Growth Hub, who have been instrumental in mentoring, networking and generally keeping us up to date with how to run a business, a completely alien concept to us this time last year. The size of the kit reflects our cautious approach to being able to meet demand whilst not biting off more than we can chew, we will try to walk before we run.

The feedback from customers has been fantastic and of course we get the odd critic who very rarely has a good word to say, but in my experience so far, the positives far outweigh the negatives and if that negativity cannot be backed up with anything constructive then I would personally prefer it if these people buttoned it.

Yesterday saw myself and Liam attend our first Regional SIBA meeting. A fantastic day hosted by Lancaster Brewery. Headed up by our friend Dave Sweeney at Bank Top, this was very informative and it was great to also chat to Wayne of Blackedge Brewery and Kieran of Doghouse Brewery. Its great that we can all be in such a competitive industry and yet share a pint and a pork pie and get on like a house on fire (apologies to my other employers). I think Liam in particular would like to thank Lancaster Brewery for putting on such a fantastic spread, 'the best pork pie he's ever had' in fact! As designated driver I could only have half of the Lancaster Black, but this was also outstanding.

Time permitting, I will hopefully get round to updating the blog more often, but up to now that's where we're at.