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National Silver Award @ SIBA Beer X!

Where do we start?! We attended our very first SIBA Beer X last week in Liverpool (blog delayed due to a few 'recovery' days). A great trade show and industry awards for both associate businesses and of course beers. Congratulations to Wigan Central, a place I've spent a few hazy days and nights myself, on winning UK's best Independent Craft Beer Bar.

The day itself was full of information from all kinds of businesses within the industry, intertwined by the occasional half pint or two. I'm not going to lie, I made it my sole intention to have a sample of each of the other beers within the dark ales, porters, stouts category that we were in. Obviously, this being a collection of all the Gold winning beers throughout the UK regions, the standard of beer was very high, notably I particularly liked The Moor Beer Company, 'Stout', this was everything I like and come to expect in a stout, full of creamy body and roasted maltiness. I also had 'Tan Halen' from Cwrw lal community brewery, at 7% and bearing in mind I started with our very own 'Underdog' at 6%, this was getting my Beer X perience off to a rocking start, this was a deliciously sweet, thick oatmeal stout.

Then came the results and although we were confident that we'd at least have done ourselves proud by just being at these awards, we were voted Silver in The UK in our very first entry into the SIBA competition. Congratulations to Bedlam Brewery Ltd, who's 'Porter' won the Gold. I've come away having seen and spoken to some awesome breweries and unfortunately I've got a lot of drinking to do in order to get through them all.

So, whats next. We had some very positive feedback from our KeyKeg of Funky Monkey that went on at The Nook and Cranny, Bromley Cross, first to sell out in one day!! I didn't even get chance to buy it back, but we'll take that. We are upping our KeyKeg production and have already taken pre orders of Funky Monkey, Underdog and also our very special Collaboration Brew with the Bolton CAMRA Pub of The Year 2018, The Beer School 'Monkey Ate my Homework', this is a murky New Zealand Pale that packs a punch and is hopped to the very brink of Liams wallet! Please get in touch if you would like to pre order any of the above.