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Just Sat Down!

Whirlwind few weeks! The bar is open, the new brewery is operational (few teething issues, but brewing is never meant to be straightforward!). We're still all smiling and I think we've all managed a full nights sleep in September!

Having been frustrated at the speed of development at our last project we felt we needed a new location, this sparked viewings in various industrial settings and on a whim we thought we'd check out Nelson Square. The Pack Horse itself is steeped in drinking and brewing history and having looked round we knew this was the future home of Northern Monkey. After months of negotiations, a schedule of work was made and first big thanks to A. Call Property Maintenance based in Bromley Cross who having made a great job refurbishing The Cross Guns, Egerton, led the project and brought in some fantastic sub contractors. Then after various viewings of Brewing equipment, Microbrew UK based in Doncaster began fabrication of our kit.

We opened to the public on 21/09/2018 and the response has been fantastic! The locals and visitors to the town have all complemented the workmanship and the vision that has gone into our tap bar and the beer selection has also been lauded by some of our harshest critics. We feel proud that we've been able to provide Bolton town centre with something we feel it has definitely lacked over recent years, the only problem is I'm standing the wrong side of the bar most of the time! Of course there has been murmurings regarding price and we've even had one comment that the name brings down the area!! Hahaha! I don't know how some people get through a full day without wanting to punch themselves in the head.

Just on a final note, our staff have been tremendous, Rachel, our manageress, signed on a short term loan deal from The Beer School ;) has put together a knowledgeable and friendly team that aside from serving you a drink will also throw in a smile for free! They've all hit the ground running, have bought into the ethos of Northern Monkey and personally a big thank you to them all!